By     Sep 4, 2014
Team Assistant, United Nations OCHA, New York

Sifiso Maposa



The image above pretty much sums up my life right now. It has been a whirlwind past couple of months with various changes and everything that comes with that. I have gone through growing pains, times of vulnerability and times of expansion and transformation.

Earlier this year I moved to a different city to concentrate on developing Culture Axis Africa. It is a decision that was spurred on by various factors all brought about with a strong sense of peace and certainty that this is the right move for me now.

I was reading Julie Rada's blog post earlier and something she said struck a chord within me.  Community is the centre of our Creative Community Fellowship. We are community placemakers, connected to those around us and those we work with. Location is important and inspires the work I do as a cultural and creative entrepreneur.

Just like the butterfly in the picture I feel like if someone were to ask for my 'life drivers licence' right now they would see a different person. Perhaps they would ask me for a second form of ID just to confirm that it is indeed the same person. I have gone through a period of transformation. From not being sure what trajectory I wanted my career to go, to being accepted as a Creative Community Fellow, to having confidence to speak about this project to others, to seeing doors and opportunities suddenly being flung open to me. I went from not being clear about which direction this project would take to being able to articulate its mission and what it stands for. No wonder I am not the same girl who started with a picture of a worm for identification 🙂

I have recently returned from a trip to Bali, Indonesia where I was a youth delegate at the UN Alliance of Civilisations Global Forum ( UNAOC). This was the first time I represented Culture Axis Africa in a personal capacity as a youth participant in discussions on how we can use media to promote unity in diversity. This experience was amazing. Not only did I meet fellow participants from all over the world, I also got to network and establish connections for project collaborations in the future. ( We also met the UN Secretary General, Ban ki Moon, but thats a story for another day:))

Transformation is a continuos process. I am enjoying the ride as I walk the path of bringing into existence an idea whose time has come. It must be a law of the universe- that when you decide on something and commit to it, doors that you never knew existed start opening up, opportunities start sliding your way and life as you know it never remains the same.

I am looking forward to being in a new city, a city I love, a city with a booming arts and culture scene where I can plug in and connect as part of the community.