About Casey Caldwell

By     Jun 3, 2014
Artistic Director, Ratatat Theater Group

Casey Caldwell

Casey Caldwell is a director, writer, actor, and the head of Ratatat Theater Group in Santa Barbara, CA. Ratatat makes “remix theater” - plays created from a variety of sources remixed around a central idea. Their last play, Happy Few, combined interviews with Santa Barbara veterans and Shakespeare’s Henry V. Other projects include Laws of Motion, a one-man show about the lives of Nietzsche, Newton, Abraham, and the search for truth; Roses, a loony, brainy combination of the writings of Gertrude Stein and Richard Foreman; and Cuts, a docu-musical about hair. More at www.ratatattheatergroup.com.

For this fellowship, Casey is developing Ratatat’s next documentary play, The Home Project. Ratatat will interview locals about how they make their home here--in a mansion, under an overpass, or squeezed in an apartment--and combine that with the stories of the Native Americans, ranchers, utopians and tycoons that made Santa Barbara their home in our past. Ratatat will use that material for a string of storytelling nights, work with community organizations to use the stories to jump-start public discussions, and conclude, finally, with a play.

Casey grew up in Thailand, has lived in with his wife in Santa Barbara for the last 10 years, and his non-theater passions include his bicycle, his garden, and his stove-top.