Why are we still so compelled to experience live performance?

By     Jan 26, 2012
NAS Director & Field Notes Editor-in-Chief

Dallas Shelby

Dallas is a writer and former indie filmmaker. He is interested in community engagement, co-creation, the Edupunk movement and anything DIY.

We've all heard about the TED videos, but there's also a section of the TED site dedicated to conversations about issues. I found this one particularly interesting for arts and culture leaders. The comments touch on what is "online" and what is "live,"  the importance of context and the gulf that sometimes exists between artists and audience. What do you think? Why are audiences compelled to experience live performances? What is a "live" performance?

A conversation on TED.com: With the advent of amazing online videos, why are we still so compelled to experience live performance (music, sports games, dance)?