The Innovator’s DNA, or More Disruption

By     Aug 12, 2011

From Clay Christensen and friends, of Innovator’s Dilemma fame.  In a new book, Christensen and coauthors Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen investigate what characterizes innovative individuals and how these traits transfer to the organization.

Five habits of mind…characterise disruptive innovators: associating, questioning, observing, networking and experimenting. Innovators excel at connecting seemingly unconnected things…companies that have the highest “innovation premiums”…display the same five habits of mind as individual innovators.

The Economist‘s writer (as always, sans byline) argues:

For all their insistence that innovation can be learned, Mr Christensen and co. produce a lot of evidence that the disruptive sort requires genius.

What do you think? Can innovation be learned? Does it flow from the individual to the organization? Does it require staggering genius?

If nothing else, you will learn how IKEA decided to flat-pack furniture.

Schumpeter: Think different | The Economist.