The Performing Arts in Lean Times: Opportunities for Reinvention

By ,     May 13, 2010

What questions should performing arts leaders be asking themselves right now? Economic shifts, global and individual reach in technologies, the pursuit of strong and delineated national identities and the appetite for a voice from younger people are all changing how the performing arts are viewed, created and consumed. Fifty performing arts leaders from around the world gathered in February 2010 for a Salzburg Global Seminar focused on opportunities for reinventing the performing arts at a time when many factors are contributing towards a large-scale disruption of the arts. This report, written by the co-chairs of the event, former NAS President and CEO Russell Willis Taylor and Adrian Ellis, Director of AEA Consulting, summarizes the discussions that took place.

Read the report, "The Performing Arts in Lean Times: Opportunities for Reinvention"