What we do



The complex issues involved in working in arts and culture today can challenge even the most skilled individuals.
Using our first-hand experience in the arts, and working with faculty from leading business and graduate schools, we develop programs that will help you find new opportunities and manage the people and resources needed for success.

Current Programs

Change Network

One Year | Blended | Online + 3 Convenings

Change Network is a year-long program that will help you…

Omaha Cultural Leadership Program

18 Months | Omaha, Nebraska

Organizations with clear strategies and deep connections to their communities…

Change Network: South Dakota

One Year | Blended | Online + South Dakota

This year-long program will support you as you advance both…


Change Network: North Dakota

One Year | Blended | Online + North Dakota

This year-long program will support you as you advance both…


Creative Community Fellows

9 Months | Blended | Vermont | New England

Driving transformation through arts and culture can be daunting, difficult…


Inspiring & Motivating Arts & Culture Teams

5 weeks | Online

In this on-demand course from NAS and University of Michigan, Ross School of Business you will learn how to diagnose and solve motivation problems so that you can bring out the best in your people.


Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy

8 Months | Blended: Online + University of Pennsylvania

We’ve partnered with the University of Pennsylvania School of Social…

Leading Innovation in Arts & Culture

8 Weeks | Online

Developed by David Owens at Vanderbilt University and customized for the…


Arts & Culture Strategy

5 Weeks | Online

During the course, we will combine an overview of the…