Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

Michael Rohd shares the values that guide both organizations: Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

On Values & Building Community

Inclusivity. Creativity & Innovation. Integrity. These are the values that drive Irfana Jetha Noorani work with the 11th Street Bridge Park.

Scott Kratz: Values

Intentionality, generosity and authenticity. These are the values Scott Kratz brings to the 11th Street Bridge Park.

Your Value Promise

NAS Director, Dallas Shelby, shares a process that arts and culture organizations can use to define the value they want to create in their communities.

Leftovers? Again?

Needless to say, when she walked in the door not a mere five minutes later,…

What are the qualities of a strong arts leader?

What makes a successful arts leader? This is perhaps the most important question as you…

Designing Your Life

This week on Field Notes, we’re talking about career paths. We’ve broken this conversation down…

How have you engaged your staff to cultivate new leaders?

NAS produces publications, videos and other management tools to inspire those working in the field…

The Commons

Growing up, the public library was a place that allowed Polly Carl, Director & Editor of HowlRound: A Center for the Theater Commons, to find belonging and access imagination. This introduction to a commons model is something that she’s carried with her and influences all that she brings as a leader to the organization. The commons model is all about inclusivity. Carl honors and encourages this through her work at HowlRound.

It’s a work in progress, but it’s crucial work

“It’s about them.” “We’re all alive.” “We’re all going through this crazy path of life.”…

Clyde Valentin: Values

Clyde Valentin, Director of the SMU Meadows Arts + Urbanism Initiative shares how values appear…

Ari Weinzweig: Congruency & Values

We promised a video this week featuring Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of Zingerman’s and here it…