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Strategic Marketing

Many cultural leaders worry that becoming more "market-oriented" requires compromising mission, and they struggle to find participation strategies that can win support while advancing their vision. In this environment, new marketing approaches are needed that can help you position your organization for different communities, make the most effective programming decisions and deeply engage your community.



Seminar Director

How you will benefit

In Strategic Marketing you explore systematic approaches for understanding customers, planning marketing strategies and creating value for your community. Whether you present programs directly to the public or work with partners such as schools and social service organizations, Strategic Marketing will give you new tools to:

  • Understand the needs and interests of your current - and potential - stakeholders
  • Identify the best target-customer segments for your organization
  • Create differentiation and positioning that attract, serve and keep participants and customers
  • Recognize and systematically respond to changes in your community
  • Advance your mission through a sharp focus on customers and markets

What to expect

This exciting two-day seminar engages your team in a series of class discussions, team-based activities and case studies to help your team develop an integrated view of marketing and customer relationships. See a detailed description of the seminar sessions »

Who should attend

Good marketing is more than just advertising and public relations. It is a vital senior-level management function that helps create, capture and sustain value for the diverse stakeholders of an organization, from institutional funders and individual donors to employees and consumers. Strategic Marketing takes an integrated approach that incorporates program, development, customer service, operations and communications decisions. We strongly recommend that you consider a senior-level team of three or more for this seminar that includes:

  • Your senior-level program, management and board leadership
  • The directors for your marketing, development and outreach teams

What past participants have to say

"The seminar made us rethink our positioning. The work challenged one of our basic beliefs and at first I recoiled from the result, but by the end of the seminar I realized that we had captured a key new idea about who we are and who we serve. The framework we learned for defining a positioning statement will continue to be a very valuable tool for us."

Edward Walker
Executive Director, Oklahoma City Philharmonic


"I want to tell you again what a HUGE success I thought the Strategic Marketing seminar was. Rather than being academic and professorial, our two presenters were hands-on, engaging, stimulating and just overall quite excellent."

Joanie Flatt
Board President, Childsplay


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