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NAS Team Seminars

Arts and cultural leaders have little time to spare – to deserve attention a seminar has to be a lot more than just another seminar. Our world-class faculty create a highly interactive exchange using case studies from the arts and other sectors. Covering a diverse range of topics that address some of the most pressing issues organizations face, our team seminars help leaders and organizations build critical capabilities and find new solutions. The opportunity to participate as a team helps you create a shared vision and pave the way for change in your organizations.


Building Evaluation Capacity

Building Evaluation Capacity is a two-day seminar that helps you rethink the meaning of evaluation. The seminar introduces a strategic framework for designing evaluation to meet your unique needs. You will learn how evaluation helps you predict and meet future challenges, integrate ideas from across your organization, and improve relationships with key stakeholders. Learn more »

Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies is a two-day seminar in which you will explore an integrated approach to digital marketing, social media and digital program initiatives that will help you better advance your mission and deliver business results. Learn more »

Extending Your Reach

Extending Your Reach is a two-day seminar that helps you better understand how alliances can amplify your organizational strategy. You will leave this seminar prepared to lead a portfolio of strategic partners and engage in alliances that will help you achieve your vision. Learn more »


Finance examines financial strategy and its role in sustainability and maintaining public trust. The seminar explores revenue-mix decisions, resource allocation, efficiency in financial decision-making, and managing a balance sheet for long-term sustainability. Learn more »

Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation is a two-day seminar in which you work with your team to clearly define innovation and its role for your organization, to examine the environment for new approaches in your organization, and to develop specific insights that you can use to integrate innovation into your overall strategy. Learn more »

Managing People

Managing People is a two-day seminar that explores how strategically aligned organizational design and human resource practices can strengthen competitive positioning, differentiation and mission achievement. Learn more »

Strategic Governance

Strategic Governance is a two-day seminar where you learn to organize relationships among senior staff and board leadership to create better decisions and, in turn, more effective governance. You will use an advanced evaluation instrument to understand governance in your organization. Learn more »

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a two-day seminar in which you explore systematic approaches for understanding customers, planning marketing strategies, and creating value for your community. Team exercises with your senior leadership, board members, and marketing staff help you identify new opportunities and set a solid foundation for gaining and keeping audiences and visitors. Learn more »


Strategy is a three-day seminar that teaches the critical frameworks of strategic analysis and how to effectively integrate your mission and your strategy. You learn to rigorously evaluate your external environment and identify your organization's unique advantages. Learn more »


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The complex issues involved in leading a cultural nonprofit today can challenge even the most skilled management team. Using our first-hand experience in the arts and working with faculty from leading business and graduate schools, we deliver executive-level programs that help you find new opportunities, manage your resources and lead your organization toward its mission.


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