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Managing People

Seminar sessions

Managing People is a two-day seminar.

Day One

  • Session 1: Aligning People and Strategy

    Through an in-depth class discussion of a case study, you begin to explore how an organization achieves competitive advantage through its people.
  • Session 2: Understanding Your Organization

    In this session, you and your team work together to surface the systems, practices and policies that make up your organizations' culture and work routines.
  • Session 3: A Framework for Alignment

    Using a second case study, you explore the opportunities and the limits for achieving competitive advantage through people, and develop a clear framework for strategic decision-making.
  • Session 4: Applying the Alignment Framework

    You and your team work together to apply the alignment framework to your own organization, using faculty and class feedback to refine your own understanding of your organization.

Day Two

  • Session 1: Extending the Alignment Framework

    You begin the second day with a case discussion, and explore how choices about organizational models, policies, and leadership impact innovation and sustainability.
  • Session 2: Applying the Complete Framework

    You continue your team exercise from the end of the first day, applying additional strategic human resources concepts from the previous session.
  • Session 3: Leadership and HR Practices

    This session focuses on the role of the leader in designing and implementing an effective human resource-management system. The discussion brings to light practical insights regarding leadership and managing change.
  • Session 4: Organizational Commitment

    Completing the picture for the two-day seminar, you explore individual motivations for working in different types of environments, and consider the challenges when an arts organization is faced with a significant strategic shift.

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The complex issues involved in leading a cultural nonprofit today can challenge even the most skilled management team. Using our first-hand experience in the arts and working with faculty from leading business and graduate schools, we deliver executive-level programs that help you find new opportunities, manage your resources and lead your organization toward its mission.


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