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Executive Diploma
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Executive Diploma in Arts & Culture Strategy

September 2014

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September 2014

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November 2-5, 2014

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The Executive Diploma for Arts and Culture Strategy

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Tuition for this nine-month program, accredited by The University of Pennsylvania, is only $4,950.

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This program was designed and will be presented in partnership with University of Pennsylvania.

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National Arts Strategies has worked with thousands of successful leaders of arts and cultural organizations, all of whom care about the future of our field. We have also met hundreds of younger people who would make extraordinary future leaders – and who are looking for training, practice, recognition and legitimacy in our field.

Without meaning to, our field is keeping these younger leaders from joining organizations or forming their own. The cost of a graduate degree is high, often resulting in graduates emerging from the programs with debt that prohibits them from taking jobs in the organizations they admire. For many mid-career professionals, stopping work and relocating for a year or two of graduate study is not feasible. The commitment of time in the classroom makes a “legitimizing” degree out of reach for too many. We think it’s time to truly democratize high quality education in our field.

Working with the University of Pennsylvania, NAS has developed The Executive Diploma in Arts and Culture Strategy – a nine-month online and in-person program for cultural leadership that costs only $4,950. The program will prepare and equip you to lead arts and culture organizations of all types. It will give you the foundational knowledge and business frameworks to take the next step in your career – to think more strategically, to position an organization, to create maximum value around mission, to manage resources – people and money – and to work well with a board of directors. It will build your professional networks with lifelong connections and will help you cultivate your own view of the role of arts and culture in society and the value we create.

The Executive Diploma in Arts and Culture Strategy provides the unique combination of a world-class university and an organization with a deep understanding of the intricacies of leading and managing cultural nonprofits and of the field. University of Pennsylvania faculty, the NAS team and some of the best and brightest leaders working in the field are all contributing to a curriculum grounded in real-world experience that will help you put what you learn to work.

The program consists of:

  • two required six-week online courses that cover the fundamentals of Arts & Culture Strategy and Arts & Culture Operations
  • four online elective courses (each three weeks) on topics like customer-center design, digital marketing, evaluation, fundraising, governance and marketing strategy
  • two in-person convenings that integrate the curriculum


Apply to the program this September. The first course, Arts & Culture Strategy, will be available on Coursera and open to anyone. It begins in November. The first convening will be at the University of Pennsylvania in March 2015.



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The complex issues involved in leading a cultural nonprofit today can challenge even the most skilled management team. Using our first-hand experience in the arts and working with faculty from leading business and graduate schools, we deliver executive-level programs that help you find new opportunities, manage your resources and lead your organization toward its mission.


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