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Arts & Culture Strategy
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Creative Community Launchpad »

Bainbridge Island, WA | March 17-20, 2016
Fellows attend a three-day in-person feedback session where they present their project pitch to national funders and leaders in the field of creative placemaking and receive feedback.

Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy »

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA | March 2-5, 2016

Students will meet their colleagues, learn about key concepts such as negotiation, decision-making and human-centered design and meet the NAS & Penn teaching teams.



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Business of Arts and Culture™ Travel Support

Travel support of up to $325 is available to participants from organizations operating outside of the major metropolitan area in which a seminar is being presented and can be used exclusively for travel and lodging.

Requesting travel support for seminars

To receive this assistance, simply answer "yes" to the appropriate question as you complete the seminar application. If your application is accepted your team contact will receive confirmation of your participation and travel support via phone and the rest of the team will receive confirmation via email. No further application is required.

Who's eligible

We can only provide travel support to participants who attend the entire seminar. If you have any question about whether your schedule will make you ineligible for travel support, please contact us before you finalize your plans. If you cancel or attend only part of the seminar and we incur expenses on your behalf, we will send you an invoice for the balance.

Please note that travel support is only available to US-based organizations.

Lodging Expenses

To add to your experience and keep costs down, we make every effort to secure reduced-rate rooms near the seminar venue.  We may require you to use these accommodations in order to receive the full travel support amount. You will be provided with full information about the total travel support available to you at the time we offer your team a place in one of our seminars.

Travel Expenses

Acceptable expenses include train or air transportation; rental car; gas, tolls, and parking; and taxis. Only coach class airfare can be reimbursed, and a maximum of one rental car will be reimbursed per team. We reserve the right to refuse expenses which are excessive compared to typical costs for travel for the origination and destination cities. Please see for a general guideline of expenses you may anticipate in your destination city.

Reimbursement process

For those expenses which are eligible, we will provide travel support as reimbursements after you have submitted your receipts. You will receive a travel support form during the seminar, which you must return to us with your original receipts within 30 days following the seminar. If you need additional copies of the expense form or have any questions, please contact Pearl Bickersteth.


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