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The Chief Executive Program: Community and Culture »

The cohort will gather in Sundance, Utah November 1-4, 2015 to build on the ideas they have explored throughout the program and generate ideas for moving forward.

Certificate in Arts &
Culture Strategy »

Get the boost you're looking for to advance your career. We give you access to tested tools, frameworks, industry knowledge and a professional network to reach your goals. Applications open Setempber 1, 2015.

Creative Community Fellows »

Tools, training and access to a community of support. This program supports change-makers using the arts to drive transformation in their communities.

See all scheduled events »
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Business of Arts and Culture™ Pricing

We ask teams to name their own tuition for all Business of Arts and Culture seminars. We’ve heard from leaders that our seminars help create real solutions to the challenges they face. We’ve also heard that many still need extra help to make educational expenditures possible. This pricing approach allows organizations to take part in these seminars at a price they can afford to pay. We continue to offer travel support for out-of-town participants.

We are committed to helping build stronger cultural organizations and to building a stronger arts and culture sector. A key tenet of this program is that we all share similar issues and can learn a great deal from one another. Likewise, we recognize the importance of maintaining a supportive community during challenging economic times. Any tuition your team chooses to pay will help make it possible for others to attend at little or no cost.

We pride ourselves on being a learning organization and see this as a great opportunity to explore a new pricing model. We have included case studies on this model in our classrooms and want to explore how it could work for educational offerings. We look forward to sharing our experience and hope that the lessons we learn will be useful to those considering alternative models.

The full tuition required to cover the cost of the Business of Arts and Culture seminars is $900 per person ($2,700−$4,500 per team). We work very hard to bring down the cost of delivering these seminars, and this price is a fraction of the fee for comparable programs at leading universities. Under this new pricing model, NAS will self-fund any costs not covered by participating organizations.

We will continue our team application process to ensure each class comprises a diverse mix of organizations that have clear goals for their participation. Applications will be reviewed on their merit. Learn more about the application process and selection criteria »


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