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Business of Arts and Culture™
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Arts & Culture Strategy
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Creative Community Launchpad »

Bainbridge Island, WA | March 17-20, 2016
Fellows attend a three-day in-person feedback session where they present their project pitch to national funders and leaders in the field of creative placemaking and receive feedback.

Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy »

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA | March 2-5, 2016

Students will meet their colleagues, learn about key concepts such as negotiation, decision-making and human-centered design and meet the NAS & Penn teaching teams.



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Business of Arts and Culture™
Participant Expectations

Each of our seminars is a significant investment – both by the participating organizations and by NAS. Each seminar is designed to help leaders generate new solutions to the critical challenges facing their organizations and to create real change.


We expect all confirmed participants to attend the full seminar. To fully benefit from our seminars, teams must maintain a minimum of three participants. Partial attendance is not permitted and where applicable, will cause participants to be ineligible for travel support. If there is a concern about a team or participant's ability to fully attend, it is the responsibility of the team contact to make NAS aware prior to confirming their attendance for a seminar. If a situation arises which prevents the full participation of a confirmed team member, a suitable substitution may be made with approval from NAS.

Cancellations are not permitted after a team has confirmed their attendance. Because of the nature of our  seminars, we are unable to find replacement participants on short notice. If you must cancel or do not attend, a cancellation fee may apply. There are no tuition refunds.

Team Composition

All NAS seminars are designed to help leadership teams build expertise and support real progress and change. When putting together your team, consider including people with the authority and ability to make decisions and implement new ideas. Each team should be made up of three to five people. We typically suggest a combination of senior management and board members, though the "right" team will vary based on the content of the seminar and your organization’s goals for participation. You may find it helpful to review the "Who should attend" section included in each of the seminar descriptions. 

Full Participation

Each of our seminars is designed to maximize participation, giving you opportunities to work with your team and apply what you learn directly to your organization. Seminars typically include a combination of classroom discussions, case studies and team exercises which draw on materials we will provide you with prior to the seminar. The success of the seminar as a learning and actionable experience depends on your willingness to prepare in advance and actively participate in the classroom.


We are committed to constantly improving our seminars – refining them to better meet the needs of leaders throughout the field. If you are accepted into one of our seminars, we ask that you and your team commit to evaluating your experience at three points – immediately after the seminar, one month later and three months later. Each evaluation is a brief online survey. Your frank and detailed feedback will help us continue to improve our service to you, your colleagues and our field.

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