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One of the toughest challenges, in any type of organization, is getting traction for a new idea. It can be a struggle to win over staff, peers, managers, and board members, and powerful new ideas often get stuck in place. This is especially true in the cultural sector, where there is little time and even less money for experimentation and risks. To keep realizing their goals, arts and cultural leaders need to create an environment where new management and program ideas can effectively be created, shared, evaluated, and the best ones successfully put to work.

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Chris Fischbach

What is the role of the publisher in the digital age?


What is the place of cultural institutions within their communities?


What is the role of arts organizations in society?


What can science tell us about the art experience?


How do we communicate the instrumental and intrinsic values of the arts?


What are the arguments for the arts that resonate with contemporary society?

Deborah Cullinan

Becoming an Equal Partner in Community Development

Mary Lou Aleskie

What is the role of arts and culture in society?

Peggy Sloan

What effect does an organization’s dominant logic have on programming?

Shirley Sneve

How do you effect change in your community?

Jessica Robinson Love

How does an organization establish a clear identity while serving multiple communities?

Basma El Husseiny

What do the international protest movements mean for cultural institutions?

Nina Simon

Reinventing a Museum as a Community Organization

Steve Moffitt

How do you connect a local community to a global event?

Sall Fifer

The Marketization of the Nonprofit Sector: Civil Society at Risk?

Alex Nyerges

How has your organization reacted to changes in the competitive landscape?

Keith Winsten

What does the convergence of consumer interests, markets and industries mean for cultural organizations?

Patricia Mooradian

How does an organization design an experience?

Patricia Mooradian

What are the elements of a successful visitor experience?

Patricia Mooradian

How can arts organizations use social media to deepen visitor experience?

Ken Fischer

How do organizations create partnerships between education and the arts?

Ken Fischer

How do arts organizations engage diverse communities?

Douglas McLennan

How should arts organizations react to the decline in arts education?

Douglas McLennan

What are the effects of professionalism in the arts?

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