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You compete to attract and retain employees who have rising expectations for financial compensation, quality of work environment, and advancement opportunities. It is imperative that you structure your organization and manage its culture in ways that attract great people, make the most of your available resources, and accelerate mission achievement.

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Shirli Kopelman

Reframing Negotiation

Shirli Kopelman

Negotiation & Relationships

Shirli Kopelman

Negotiating Better

Surry Scheerer

How should organizations approach teamwork?

Surry Scheerer

What is the key element of relationship-building?


How does your approach to partnerships reflect your organization’s culture?


What does your experience with building community relationships teach about healthy partnerships?

David Howse

Mission-Driven: Aligning an Organization to Create Social Impact

Debra Zimmerman

What advice do you have for relatively young organizations?

Brainstorming Effectively

Brainstorming Effectively

Suzi Sosa

How do cultural institutions, particularly established ones, use Design Thinking?

George Sparks

What is your approach to succession planning?

George Sparks

How have you engaged your staff to cultivate new leaders?

Laura Zabel

What does sustainability mean for arts and culture organizations?

Horst Abraham

How do cultural institutions, particularly established ones, manage change?

Adrian Ellis

Managing the Arts: Leadership and Decision Making under Dual Rationalities

Anna Thompson

What advice would you give to someone rebuilding an arts organization?

Abby Marcus

If you were to build an arts organization today on what aspects would you focus?

Sue Broad

How does a leader effect change in her organization?

Sally Sterling

How should arts and culture organizations approach succession planning?

Sally Sterling

How do you find the right talent for your organization?

Sally Sterling

What are the qualities of a strong arts leader?

Diane Ragsdale

Trends in arts and culture organizations







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