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Leading Change

Much of our work introduces frameworks meant to help arts leaders improve their organizations. Putting those frameworks into action requires change, but how does one lead change in an organization? In 2010 National Arts Strategies developed this online video catalog of arts leaders talking about just that. These video “snapshots” from arts and culture leaders reflect the wisdom of a broad and diverse field. Browse the videos below or click on a linked word or phrase to the right to explore themes.

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Jeff DeGraff

Making Innovation Happen

Jeff DeGraff

Where Innovation Happens

Jeff DeGraff

Finding Resources for Innovation

Jeff DeGraff

Competing Values

Paula Caproni

Creating High-Performing Teams

Paula Caproni

Communicate the “Why?”

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Using Design Thinking

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: Solving Right Problem

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: Sampling Extreme Users

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: Experiment Forward

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: How to Effectively Brainstorm

Laura Zabel

A Community Organizing Approach to Placemaking

Andrew Proctor

Leading Change Without Crisis

Jocelyn Hale

Online Learning Curve

Brian Ferriso

How do you re-engineer a cultural institution with a long history and numerous stakeholders?

Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework

Ken Neufeld

How do cultural institutions break down internal silos?


What does “sustainability” mean in the arts and culture field?

Charles Desmarais

What are some lessons from your experiences leading change?

Terence McFarland

How Shared Consumer Data is Redefining an Organization and Helping the Field

Mary Lou Aleskie

How does a leader effect change?

Eric Shiner

As a new museum director, what are your main goals and priorities?

Shirley Sneve

How do you effect change in your community?

Jana La Sorte

What should a leader consider when approaching change?

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