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Your organization’s governance practices need to evolve as the organization itself changes. As the work of arts and culture organizations increases in complexity, a gap has emerged between the traditional role of boards and the fresh demands they face. Governance practices can be reoriented to bridge that gap and help organizations become more sustainable and effective. While change is hard, it is possible, and this seminar will help your organization design governance practices that will help it flourish in the face of new challenges.

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Fielding Grasty

Emerging Leaders and Board Membership: Finding the Right Fit

Andrew Walker

How does an organization manage the succession of its founder?

Jeffrey Rudolph

Improving Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Rob Wiltbank, Ph.D.

How do boards of directors add value to nonprofit organizations?

Warren Boeker

How do boards of directors add value to nonprofit organizations?

Sally Sterling

How should arts and culture organizations approach succession planning?







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