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Many cultural leaders worry that becoming more “market-oriented” requires compromising mission, and they struggle to find participation strategies that can win support while advancing their vision. In this environment, new marketing approaches are needed that can help you position your organization for different communities, make the most effective programming decisions, and deeply engage your community.

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Gary Vikan

Using a Hackathon to Foster a More Open and Innovative Organizational Culture


How can cultural organizations work with their communities rather than for their communities?


What is the place of cultural institutions within their communities?


What is the role of arts organizations in society?


How do cultural institutions balance being global and local?

Matias Tarnopolsky

Inciting a Free for All: Empowering staff, breaking down silos and changing a culture

Cookie Ruiz

How can digital platforms enhance the experience of a live performance?


How should cultural institutions approach visitor engagement?


How do cultural institutions invite interaction in a way that protects exhibitions?

Douglas McLennan

How does the prevalence of social media effect arts organizations?

Kathy Keele

How does the increasing focus on community identity affect arts organizations?

Diane Ragsdale

How can we broker relationships between people and the arts?







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