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Interview: Jeff DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff, professor of management at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, outlines what it takes to make innovation happen.

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Gary Vikan

Using a Hackathon to Foster a More Open and Innovative Organizational Culture

Brian Kennedy

Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader

Steve Bass

Motivated by Convergence Not Crisis: Finding Flexibility in a System Filled with Constraints

Chris Fischbach

What is the role of the publisher in the digital age?

David Howse

Mission-Driven: Aligning an Organization to Create Social Impact

Ken Neufeld

How do cultural institutions break down internal silos?


What does “sustainability” mean in the arts and culture field?


How can cultural organizations work with their communities rather than for their communities?


What is the place of cultural institutions within their communities?


What is the role of arts organizations in society?


How do cultural institutions balance being global and local?


What can science tell us about the art experience?


What is the role of an arts and culture leader in today’s society?


How do we communicate the instrumental and intrinsic values of the arts?


What are the arguments for the arts that resonate with contemporary society?

Matias Tarnopolsky

Inciting a Free for All: Empowering staff, breaking down silos and changing a culture

Charles Desmarais

What are some lessons from your experiences leading change?

Terence McFarland

How Shared Consumer Data is Redefining an Organization and Helping the Field

Deborah Cullinan

Becoming an Equal Partner in Community Development

Cookie Ruiz

How can digital platforms enhance the experience of a live performance?

Mary Lou Aleskie

What is the role of arts and culture in society?

Mary Lou Aleskie

How does a leader effect change?

Peggy Sloan

What effect does an organization’s dominant logic have on programming?

Debra Zimmerman

What advice do you have for relatively young organizations?

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