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Interview: Jeff DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff, professor of management at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, outlines what it takes to make innovation happen.

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Jeff DeGraff

Making Innovation Happen

Jeff DeGraff

Where Innovation Happens

Jeff DeGraff

Finding Resources for Innovation

Jeff DeGraff

Competing Values

Paula Caproni

Creating High-Performing Teams

Paula Caproni

Communicate the “Why?”

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Using Design Thinking

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: Solving Right Problem

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: Sampling Extreme Users

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: Experiment Forward

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Design Thinking: How to Effectively Brainstorm

Shirli Kopelman

Reframing Negotiation

Shirli Kopelman

Negotiation & Relationships

Shirli Kopelman

Negotiating Better

Laura Zabel

A Community Organizing Approach to Placemaking

Andrew Proctor

Leading Change Without Crisis

Jocelyn Hale

Online Learning Curve

Fielding Grasty

Emerging Leaders and Board Membership: Finding the Right Fit

Brian Ferriso

How do you re-engineer a cultural institution with a long history and numerous stakeholders?

Surry Scheerer

How should organizations approach teamwork?

Surry Scheerer

What is the key element of relationship-building?


How does your approach to partnerships reflect your organization’s culture?


What does your experience with building community relationships teach about healthy partnerships?

Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework

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