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News + Updates: Webinar Theme

Participate in our next Closer Look webinar for free

Webinars are a relatively new delivery medium for us. We have decided to our next Closer Look webinar free as we continue to explore how to create engaging and effective virtual learning experiences. In exchange for making the event free, we are asking all participants to commit to providing us with feedback about the experience.

Closer Look: Negotiation features a leading expert in the field, Professor Margaret Neale of Stanford University. In this hour-long online session, Professor Neale will give you tools to help assess when to negotiate and a framework for determining your best negotiation strategies.

You’re welcome to have your colleagues join you as well. There is no preparation required for this event, though we need you to register in advance so we can provide you with links to the event and evaluation.


Talk with an Expert: Leveraging Social Capital

Bring your team together March 2 to explore your questions about how to cohesively build and use your organization’s social capital in tough times. This online video Q&A session features Professor Walter W. Powell from Stanford University and is limited to 12 logins to allow you and your team to fully engage in the discussion about strategically building your networks to move your organization forward.

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Different Perspectives, New Ideas

Join us for the next Closer Look – Different Perspectives, New Ideas – on November 17. This event features Dr. Margaret Neale from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. She will teach you proven strategies for working more effectively in groups – from assembling and influencing groups to leveraging diversity to generate new, creative ideas.

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