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News + Updates: Team Theme

Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture: Get Your Team Together

Curious about how to participate in Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture as a team? We’ve received several unique responses to our suggestion that this course is ideal for individuals or team participation.
A team from an arts service organization shared their plans to enroll in the course, watch the course lectures together in their conference room and talk through discussion points in real time, creating a team building and learning environment throughout the organization.
We know that for some it may be difficult to gather a team of colleagues you work with on a weekly basis. While teams can be from your organization, they can also include people from across organizations. Sam Oliver at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans and Morgan Sasser at the Arts Council of New Orleans shared their plans to create a cross-organizational group to complete the course together. Sam and Morgan plan to gather a team of young professionals working in arts and cultural organizations across the city to work through the course together. This unique team structure will allow for members to watch lectures on their own time and come together to apply the learning. By working together on the course, this young professionals group will build relationships between organizations in the New Orleans community.
Teams can also be made up of members across locations. The online platform provides the perfect space for sharing and collaboration throughout the sector, regardless of time zone.
Still don’t have a team in mind? Don’t worry! Once the course begins, you can search for a team or for others to join your team using the class discussion board dedicated to this topic or you can choose to participate in the course individually without completing a team innovation project.
Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture is now open for free enrollment on Coursera. Class begins on September 16.


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Free Online Innovation Course Specifically for Arts and Culture

Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture open for enrollment on Coursera

Innovation. It’s the buzzword that everyone loves to talk about and often only in grand terms. What is the next big thing? How do we make radical change? We like to think of innovation as more integrated into what you do like finding new ways to realize your mission, to raise funds, to deliver programs and to use your resources effectively. Innovation is not mysterious or other, but it is tough to do really well. Whether you are taking on radical changes or making continuous improvements, Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture, will give you the tools you need.

This free online course was developed by David Owens at Vanderbilt University and customized for the cultural sector by National Arts Strategies. Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture is designed to help you answer the following types of questions:

  • What are the conditions for successful innovation?
  • What causes innovation to fail?
  • What allows creative people to be creative?
  • How should I manage an innovative team?
  • What is an innovation portfolio and how can I manage one?

Through video lectures with embedded quizzes, team exercises, readings, diagnostic surveys and weekly reflection papers, this course will help your team develop an “innovation strategy” on your own time. This highly interactive 8-week course is designed for those involved in arts and culture around the globe in all types of cultural organizations. Participation is ideal for teams and creates a great opportunity to form a team at your office to learn together and push a project forward.

We know that not everyone has the same learning objectives or available time, so this course is offered at two levels of engagement. The Standard Level allows students to engage in the course materials and discussions without completing an innovation project, while the Studio Mastery Level gives students the opportunity to apply the class material by completing an innovation project in a small team.

Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture begins on September 16, 2014 on Coursera. Join colleagues around the world to build environments where ideas are created, shared, evaluated and the best ones are successfully put to work.


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Teams Selected to Attend Extending Your Reach

Nine teams will attend National Arts Strategies’ new seminar, Extending Your Reach, November 14-15 in Los Angeles. The seminar, led by faculty Jeannette Colyvas (Northwestern University) and Andrew Nelson (University of Oregon) with seminar director Jamey Stowell, will give teams the tools and knowledge to lead a portfolio of strategic partners and engage in alliances that will help them achieve their visions. Teams were selected after a review of applications and represent a variety of disciplines and budget sizes from around the country.



Digital Strategies Teams Selected

Nine teams will attend Digital Strategies. Attending teams will come together October 4-5 in Denver, CO to explore a strategic approach for setting objectives, developing plans, creating programs and tracking results for audience-facing digital initiatives. These teams represent a diverse mix of disciplines, budget sizes and geographic locations. We are excited to present this new seminar to a wonderful group of cultural leaders from around the country!



Leading Innovation Teams Selected

Twelve teams have been selected to participate in our upcoming Leading Innovation seminar, July 19-20 in Nashville, TN. These teams represent a diverse mix of disciplines, budget sizes and geographic locations. At Leading Innovation, teams will explore the innovation process through frameworks that will help them generate, select and plan the implementation of innovative solutions to the challenges their organizations face. We look forward to working with these leaders next month!



What’s holding you back?

We’re lucky to work in a field with a bounty of creative and interesting thinkers. In the cultural field, casual conversations can lead to some inspiring and innovative ideas, but these ideas can sometimes get lost in the bustle of our daily work. So often, cultural organizations find themselves stuck executing the same programs and following the same processes they have used for decades. In an under-resourced and highly demanding environment, we often devote our energy to putting out the fires and can have hard time thinking past our immediate needs. So the cycle repeats. What if you could instead take those thought-provoking ideas and use them to change your organization? (more…)


Strategy and Managing People teams selected

Many wonderful teams will be joining us for upcoming presentations of Strategy and Managing People. Teams hail from all over the United States and represent a broad mix of disciplines and budget sizes. Congratulations to the accepted teams—we look forward to working with you!



How a strategy seminar can lead to a real breakthrough

At National Arts Strategies, we love hearing from participating teams about how attending our seminars has impacted their work. For The Loft Literary Center, attending Strategy was not only educational, it was a true working session that was instrumental in helping the organization move forward with its plan to offer online learning. As a result of the work they did at Strategy, The Loft was able to engage staff and board to quickly fund and launch their new initiative.



Invest in your organization this holiday season

Why not skip the gadgets this holiday season and instead pledge to invest in your organization’s future? Apply to attend one of our two upcoming Business of Arts and Culture team seminars – Strategy, March 7-9, 2013 in San Francisco and Managing People, March 21-22, 2013 in Chicago.



Application now available for Managing People

National Arts Strategies will present Managing People, a Business of Arts and Culture seminar, March 21-22, 2013 in Chicago. Managing People is designed to give teams an in-depth understanding of how organizational culture can drive mission achievement by making the most of an important and valuable resource: people.

During this two-day seminar, led by Cornell University professor Diane Burton and Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Jesper B. Sørensen, teams will discuss case studies that illuminate key aspects of organizational culture and how it can influence a business – for better or for worse. They will explore frameworks to help them think creatively about building teams and fostering an organizational culture that will support mission and strategy, and apply these frameworks in examination of their own organizations and practices during team exercises.

Apply now to bring your team to Chicago next March. You can name your own tuition to attend this seminar, and NAS will offer travel support for teams attending from outside the Chicago area.  Applications will be accepted through Friday, February 1. Learn more about Managing People or apply now »