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We’re Headed to Phoenix

NAS is headed to the desert this week to host the Business of Arts and Culture team seminar, Finance. Teams from organizations in the Phoenix area and around the US will come together December 8-9 for this interactive seminar led by NAS faculty, Dr. Greg Reilly. Attending teams will craft financial strategies that support their mission and organizational achievement, identify critical revenue, cost and risk factors that are driving overall financial performance and use financial numbers to predict effects on both mission and organizational health.

We are excited to present this seminar to an outstanding group of cultural leaders! Want to participate in the conversation too? Follow along on Twitter using #NASFinance.


Apply for Finance, Extending Your Reach Seminars Today!

Applications are now available for two Business of Arts + Culture team seminars, Finance and Extending Your Reach.


Join us in Phoenix December 8-9 for Finance. Bring your leadership team together to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively craft strategies that support both organizational health and mission achievement. Your team will learn how traditional financial concepts such as revenue and cost are related to your ability to achieve your mission. Additionally, you will learn to use financial numbers for predicting effects on mission and organizational achievement.

Finance will be presented in Phoenix December 8-9. Learn more and apply by October 31 »

Fielding Grasty, seminar director for Finance, reflects on past presentations »


Extending Your Reach

Extending Your Reach offers a deep dive into partnerships and alliances, exploring the different types of relationships that can help you do more and achieve greater impact. After careful evaluation of your current relationships, your goals for the future and critical tactics for establishing alliances, you will leave this seminar prepared to lead a portfolio of strategic partners and engage in alliances that will help you achieve your vision.

Extending Your Reach will be presented in Boston December 8-9. Learn more and apply by October 31 »


Both seminars are offered with pay-what-you-can pricing and travel support is offered to those attending from outside each seminar’s metropolitan area.

Hear from past participants about the seminar experience:


Apply for 2014 Seminars Today!

Applications are now available for two NAS seminars, Digital Strategies and Extending Your Reach.


Save These Dates – 2014 Team Seminars Announced

National Arts Strategies announces two Business of Arts and Culture seminars to be presented in 2014 – mark your calendars now to join us for Digital Strategies and Extending Your Reach! (more…)


Digital Strategies Teams Selected

Nine teams will attend Digital Strategies. Attending teams will come together October 4-5 in Denver, CO to explore a strategic approach for setting objectives, developing plans, creating programs and tracking results for audience-facing digital initiatives. These teams represent a diverse mix of disciplines, budget sizes and geographic locations. We are excited to present this new seminar to a wonderful group of cultural leaders from around the country!



Extending Your Reach

Do you know what your network map looks like? Do you have a clear picture of your partnership portfolio and where you can leverage relationships to help further your vision?

Do you want to do more, but resources are tight? Partnerships can help, but a poorly conceived or managed partnership can be more hassle than it’s worth. Do you know how to find the right partners and evaluate opportunities?

With a clear understanding of your strategy and the skills to evaluate potential relationships against that strategy, you can initiate partnerships that will help you achieve more. Extending Your Reach gives you the tools to do just that. You’ll work with your team to create and evaluate your network map, then hear from colleagues to see alternate approaches and find new ideas. And, for the first time, all teams will have the option for a pre-seminar consult with NAS to help them prepare!

Extending Your Reach will be presented in Los Angeles November 14-15, 2013. This seminar is presented on a pay-what-you-can basis, meaning you can attend at the price that’s right for you. Travel support is also available to those from outside the Los Angeles area.

Learn more about Extending Your Reach »

Download the seminar info sheet to share with your team »

Apply by September 20 »


Apply for Leading Innovation by Friday!

The long weekend is over and many are getting excited for summer. You can make the most of your summer by attending Leading Innovation this July in Nashville!

Held at Vanderbilt University July 19-20, Leading Innovation will help you think about how innovation can become a systematic result in your organization – exploring ways to take advantage of great ideas and how to put those ideas into action.


Strategy and Managing People teams selected

Many wonderful teams will be joining us for upcoming presentations of Strategy and Managing People. Teams hail from all over the United States and represent a broad mix of disciplines and budget sizes. Congratulations to the accepted teams—we look forward to working with you!



How can culture drive strategy?

“Culture eats strategy.”

This sentiment is one commonly expressed at executive education programs and among business leaders to convey just how important culture can be to organizational success. Developing an organizational culture that supports your mission and drives your strategy is a task that goes beyond the human resources department. It is the responsibility of leaders across the organization to think about how to create a structure and environment that allows employees to thrive in their roles and ensure that you meet organizational goals.


How a strategy seminar can lead to a real breakthrough

At National Arts Strategies, we love hearing from participating teams about how attending our seminars has impacted their work. For The Loft Literary Center, attending Strategy was not only educational, it was a true working session that was instrumental in helping the organization move forward with its plan to offer online learning. As a result of the work they did at Strategy, The Loft was able to engage staff and board to quickly fund and launch their new initiative.