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News + Updates: Nashville Theme

Leading Innovation Teams Selected

Twelve teams have been selected to participate in our upcoming Leading Innovation seminar, July 19-20 in Nashville, TN. These teams represent a diverse mix of disciplines, budget sizes and geographic locations. At Leading Innovation, teams will explore the innovation process through frameworks that will help them generate, select and plan the implementation of innovative solutions to the challenges their organizations face. We look forward to working with these leaders next month!



Apply for Leading Innovation by Friday!

The long weekend is over and many are getting excited for summer. You can make the most of your summer by attending Leading Innovation this July in Nashville!

Held at Vanderbilt University July 19-20, Leading Innovation will help you think about how innovation can become a systematic result in your organization – exploring ways to take advantage of great ideas and how to put those ideas into action.


What’s holding you back?

We’re lucky to work in a field with a bounty of creative and interesting thinkers. In the cultural field, casual conversations can lead to some inspiring and innovative ideas, but these ideas can sometimes get lost in the bustle of our daily work. So often, cultural organizations find themselves stuck executing the same programs and following the same processes they have used for decades. In an under-resourced and highly demanding environment, we often devote our energy to putting out the fires and can have hard time thinking past our immediate needs. So the cycle repeats. What if you could instead take those thought-provoking ideas and use them to change your organization? (more…)


Attend Leading Innovation in Nashville

National Arts Strategies will present Leading Innovation July 19-20 in Nashville, TN. Leading Innovation is a two-day seminar in which your team will work  together to clearly define innovation and its role in your organization, to examine your environment for new approaches and to develop specific insights that can be used to integrate innovation into your overall strategy. You’ll explore ways to create effective and innovative ideas by leveraging all of your organization’s talent. The seminar, taught by Vanderbilt professor Dr. David Owens, is a highly interactive, hands-on experience involving class discussions and team exercises incorporating tools that can be shared and re-used for years to come. At Leading Innovation, you will develop your skills to:

  • Analyze constraints on innovation in your organization, foresee obstacles and opportunities and develop a shared vision
  • Develop a process to manage the demands of multiple stakeholders, shifting priorities and the uncertainty inherent in new initiatives
  • Create a culture for innovation and risk-taking that generates new perspectives and challenges existing practice
  • Create a strong customer focus for your organization that anticipates customer needs


You can name your own price to attend this seminar, and travel support is also available.

Learn more about Leading Innovation or Apply by May 31!



Fellowship Recipients for Strategy Seminar Announced

Twelve teams will be attending Strategy in Nashville, October 28-30 with a 2010 Organization Fellowship. All fellowship recipients were selected through a competitive application process and will attend the seminar at no cost. In addition to the $1250 fellowship covering the full-tuition for the seminar, participants from outside the Nashville metropolitan area will also receive up to $600 per person to help offset the travel and lodging costs. Fellowship recipients include: (more…)


Strategy Application Deadline Next Friday

There is just over a week left to apply for our three-day Strategy seminar. Next Friday, August 27, is the last day we will accept applications to attend this October 28-30 Nashville presentation. Apply now »

This seminar will provide your leadership team with a rich learning experience and retreat-like working session. Leading management professors will engage your team through case studies, class discussions and extensive team exercises. You will gain tools to analyze your organization’s environment, articulate the relationships between key stakeholders and integrate programmatic and economic choices so you’re able to better focus your resources on pursuing your mission. By the end of the three days, your team will have a shared understanding of what makes your organization unique and a plan for how to maximize your mission achievement in a financially responsible way.

Leadership teams of three-to-five participants will attend with an Organization Fellowship covering the $1250 tuition. A simple application process will be used to identify a diverse mix of medium and large organizations with clear goals for their participation. Additional travel support will be available to all teams from outside the Nashville area to help with the cost of travel and lodging.

For more information, visit


One month remaining until Strategy seminar deadline

There is only one month left to apply to bring your leadership team together off-site for our intensive three-day Strategy seminar. Presented in Nashville, October 28-30, this rigorous working session will provide your leadership with a vocabulary to talk about who you are, what you do and why you do it. By the end of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate the critical features of your organization’s external environment
  • Identify the unique value your organization can bring to your community
  • Balance artistic and economic choices
  • Ensure your organization’s resources are being used to support your most valuable initiatives

Leading professors of management will engage your team through the analysis of real-life cases, class discussions and team exercises to give you both a theoretical and a practical understanding of strategy development. By the end of the seminar, your team will have completed a structured analysis of your organization and will have an articulated path of action. See a detailed description of the seminar sessions »

All participating teams will receive Organization Fellowships covering the full $1250 tuition for a team of up to 5. Participants from outside Nashville will also receive up to $600 per person in travel support to help with the cost of travel and lodging. The deadline to apply is August 27.

Apply now »


Two leading researchers and professors to lead Strategy seminar in Nashville

The NAS Strategy seminar features two leading professors on strategy development and strategic management, Professors Violina Rindova, and Robert Wiltbank. Professors Rindova and Wiltbank will lead teams of arts and culture leaders through class discussions, case studies and team exercises as they analyze and articulate why their organizations do what they do and what makes them unique. (more…)


Seminar gives leadership teams tools and time to work on strategy

One of the biggest challenges leaders face when trying to develop strategy is getting away from the day-to-day demands of running an organization. NAS’ three-day Strategy seminar gives leadership teams the tools, time and space to reflect on and discuss their organizations’ big picture.

This retreat-like working session will enable your team to create a shared vision and focus on how to best use your limited resources to achieve your mission and create a healthy organization. Outstanding faculty will lead you through case studies, class discussions and team exercises as your team analyzes and articulates what makes your organization unique and explore how to leverage that to deepen your relevance within your community.

Strategy is being presented in Nashville, October 28-30 for leadership teams from arts and culture organizations across the country. All participating teams will attend with an Organization Fellowship covering the $1250 team tuition. Additional travel support will be available to all teams from outside the Nashville area to help with the cost of travel and lodging. A simple application process will be used to identify a diverse mix of medium and large organizations. Applications must be received by August 27 to be eligible.

Apply now »