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News + Updates: Gail Crider Theme

November in the Mountains of Utah

We’ve just returned from several days in Utah, all spent surrounded by some of the most leading minds in our field.

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The Chief Executive Program: Community & Culture – The Summit at Sundance

This journey began with the final convening of the Chief Executive Program: Community & Culture. Forty-six CEOs who have been learning together for the past fifteen months, gathered for the final time to address some of their most challenging questions at The Summit at Sundance. We built this convening as an ideation summit, an interactive, community-driven process that identifies, clarifies and activates solutions.

NAS’ President and CEO, Gail Crider says, “conversations about critical issues happen all the time. Conferences, blogs and community meetings offer any number of opportunities to raise and share experiences with these issues. And yet, we experience seemingly endless discussion with little discernible progress towards shared solutions.” This is the inspiration behind our design of the ideation summit and process.

In preparation for this convening, the participants worked together to choose and craft the challenges they planned to tackle, generating buy-in and personal investment. These leaders focused on issues related to equity, relevancy, the economy and our communities. Working in small groups, they collectively designed ways to address these issues and left with clear next steps to work both individually and as a group to move many of their solutions forward over the next few months. We plan to keep you up to date and share the results.

National Arts Marketing Project Conference

Following this convening, NAS’ Taylor Craig spent the weekend at the National Arts Marketing Project Conference in the great, Salt Lake City. It was wonderful to connect with colleagues around the country and learn useful tips and tricks we will be implementing soon. When we think about marketing, we often think about selling, selling, selling. How do we get them to buy the next ticket? This is part of it, but the larger part is relationship building and community engagement. It was uplifting for us to participate in this conference that completely understood this aspect of marketing and directed the dialogue around our communities. One of the most inspiring moments of the conference was Donna Walker-Kuhne’s keynote on the changing demographics in the US. You can catch the live recording here »

Photo Nov 09, 11 55 50 AMThe Chief Executive Program Alumni Retreat

During this time, alumni of our Chief Executive Program came together for the first annual alumni retreat. Thirty-seven leaders from around the world and across Chief Executive Program cohorts joined us to reconnect, recharge and refocus. Richard Cox from Stanford’s led participants through workshops on failure, leadership and risk. Participants were also able to come together in focused, facilitated working groups to share insights with colleagues and workshop ideas – looking at success stories, perennial problems and how to weigh trade-offs. Hosted at the Sundance Resort, this provided the perfect setting for leaders to step away from the day-to-day, disconnect (the cell service isn’t too great!) and take time for themselves. We heard from participants that taking this time is so important and often overlooked. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Now back at our headquarters in Alexandria, VA we are missing the mountains, but knee deep in planning for the next cohort of the Chief Executive Program. Learn more about the program and our alumni »


NAS in Chile, Hong Kong and New York City

The year is off to a busy start for National Arts Strategies. This week, several of our team are on the road, sharing leadership ideas and experiences with colleagues around the globe.

President and CEO Russell Willis Taylor is currently representing NAS at the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies World Summit on Arts and Culture, January 13-16 in Santiago de Chile. At the Summit, Russell will leading sessions on professional development.

Vice President and COO Gail Crider is in Hong Kong this week for the Leadership Training Program for Senior Arts and Culture Executives, a custom program designed by NAS in partnership with the Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The program is designed to help senior arts and culture executives explore the toughest strategic challenges facing their organizations, access the best thinking from outside the cultural sector and apply those concepts and frameworks in their own organizations and communities.

Finally, Fielding Grasty, NAS’ Director, Programs, will be attending the International Society for the Performing Arts Congress in New York  January 14-16. If you are attending the event, please say hello. You can follow Fielding’s reactions and thoughts during the congress on Twitter @FieldingGrasty.

Future opportunities to connect with the NAS team at conferences and events throughout the year will be shared here and via social media channels, so be sure to stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, following NAS on Twitter or liking NAS on Facebook!