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News + Updates: Financial management Theme

We’re Headed to Phoenix

NAS is headed to the desert this week to host the Business of Arts and Culture team seminar, Finance. Teams from organizations in the Phoenix area and around the US will come together December 8-9 for this interactive seminar led by NAS faculty, Dr. Greg Reilly. Attending teams will craft financial strategies that support their mission and organizational achievement, identify critical revenue, cost and risk factors that are driving overall financial performance and use financial numbers to predict effects on both mission and organizational health.

We are excited to present this seminar to an outstanding group of cultural leaders! Want to participate in the conversation too? Follow along on Twitter using #NASFinance.


Apply for Finance, Extending Your Reach Seminars Today!

Applications are now available for two Business of Arts + Culture team seminars, Finance and Extending Your Reach.


Join us in Phoenix December 8-9 for Finance. Bring your leadership team together to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively craft strategies that support both organizational health and mission achievement. Your team will learn how traditional financial concepts such as revenue and cost are related to your ability to achieve your mission. Additionally, you will learn to use financial numbers for predicting effects on mission and organizational achievement.

Finance will be presented in Phoenix December 8-9. Learn more and apply by October 31 »

Fielding Grasty, seminar director for Finance, reflects on past presentations »


Extending Your Reach

Extending Your Reach offers a deep dive into partnerships and alliances, exploring the different types of relationships that can help you do more and achieve greater impact. After careful evaluation of your current relationships, your goals for the future and critical tactics for establishing alliances, you will leave this seminar prepared to lead a portfolio of strategic partners and engage in alliances that will help you achieve your vision.

Extending Your Reach will be presented in Boston December 8-9. Learn more and apply by October 31 »


Both seminars are offered with pay-what-you-can pricing and travel support is offered to those attending from outside each seminar’s metropolitan area.

Hear from past participants about the seminar experience:


Apply for Finance by July 20

In this video, Tracy S. Harris, NAS Board Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of The BondFactor Company LLC, discusses her ideas about how organizations can leverage existing resources.

Are you using your assets to help ensure the health and stability of your organization? Part of the Business of Arts and Culture series, National Arts Strategies’ Finance seminar is designed to give your team the tools to effectively communicate and make decisions about how you use resources to help ensure mission fulfillment and organizational success. Finance takes place in Minneapolis October 11-12 and includes discussions of value creation, financial models, cost drivers and risk led by Dr. Greg Reilly, whose research focuses on strategic risk-taking, executive team goals, incentive compensation and financial decision-making.

Would your senior management team benefit from these discussions? Learn more about Finance and apply by next Friday, July 20 »


Apply for Finance and Strategic Governance Seminars

Applications for the 2012 presentations of Finance and Strategic Governance are now available on the National Arts Strategies website.

Presented October 11-12 in Minneapolis, Finance will give your leadership team the tools to make effective and sustainable financial decisions best suited to your organization and mission. Apply by July 20 »

Strategic Governance, held November 15-16 in Miami, combines concepts, frameworks and a structured self-evaluation tool to help your organization rethink your approach to governance. Apply by August 24 »

Business of Arts and Culture seminars are presented as “name your own tuition” events, so your team can attend Finance or Strategic Governance at a price that works within your budget. In addition, NAS will offer travel support for teams from outside each seminar area.  Learn more about seminar pricing »



Making strategic decisions

Every decision you make about how to use your resources today impacts what you can do tomorrow. But how do you compare your options – what are the trade-offs? What factors should you include in how you define costs and benefits? These are critical questions that every leader and decision-maker has to answer – both to ensure that the decisions you make are for the best and to justify your decisions to your board members, funders and other stakeholders. (more…)


Finance Seminar in DC: Building your team’s decision-making toolkit

Bring your leadership team to Washington DC, May 12-13, 2011 to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively craft strategies that support both organizational health and mission achievement. The NAS Finance seminar will focus your team on how to use finance as a critical management and decision-making tool. It will develop your team’s collective understanding of how your decisions impact the overall health of your organization both now and going forward.

Your team will develop an understanding of the relationships between traditional financial concepts such as revenue and cost and your ability to achieve your mission. Building on this foundation, you’ll learn to predict how your decisions about resources impact the health of your whole organization – programs and finances. Your team will also develop a shared language for articulating the risks and benefits of the decisions you each make so you can communicate more clearly about your decision-making and expected outcomes.

All participating organizations will receive an Organization Fellowship covering the full tuition for a team and must apply to attend. We encourage the inclusion of all senior staff or those who manage budgets. Up to $600 per person will be available as travel support to all participants from outside the DC metropolitan area to help with the cost of travel and lodging.

Learn more or apply now »


Attend Finance Seminar in Washington DC

Join NAS in the nation’s capital for our Finance seminar May 12-13, 2011. This seminar will teach your team how to examine your business model so that you can make decisions that maximize your mission achievement and organizational health.

Finance will give your team new tools to analyze your financial position and make sustainable financial decisions. By the end of this seminar, your team will be able to:

  • Identify the critical revenue, cost, and risk factors that are driving overall financial performance
  • Predict the effects of decisions on mission achievement and financials
  • Make more clear and compelling financial arguments to donors, funders, board members, and other stakeholders

All teams will receive an Organization Fellowship covering the full cost of tuition for up to six participants. Additional travel support will be available for teams from outside the DC metro area to help with the cost of travel and lodging. Teams will be identified through a simple application process. The deadline to apply is March 18.

Apply now »