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News + Updates: Decision-making Theme

How can you increase your influence? Online Q&A April 28

Have you ever wondered what determines who is influential? The truth is influence has more to do with communication and behavioral tactics than it does with any innate characteristics. People have developed “hard-wiring” that make it more likely for us to respond positively to some requests than others – not based on the request itself, but on how we are asked. The key to influence is understanding what people are likely to respond to and acting in ways that are most likely to elicit the response you want.

Talk with an Expert: Ethical Influence is a two-part event that will help you understand the underpinnings of how to build influence and will give you the opportunity to explore your questions about using proven influence strategies in a live videoconference. Both parts of this event feature Professor Paula Caproni from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, an expert on leadership and interpersonal skills. The first part of this event is a 20-minute video of Professor Caproni explaining influence strategies, why influence strategies work and how to use the strategies ethically. The second part is a Q&A session April 28, 1-2 PM EDT in which you and a small group of colleagues will explore your questions about how to use the strategies from the video in your work and life.

The nature of this content and the anticipated questions are not ideal for team participation. We are limiting participation to 25 individuals to ensure the highest level of engagement. The tuition to take part in this event is $45 per person.

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Early Registration for Q&A on Influence ends Friday

Register now to join Professor Paula Caproni, an expert on power, influence, leadership and interpersonal skills, for a live Q&A session April 28, 1-2 PM EDT to discuss your questions about how to ethically build and use your influence for the discounted tuition of $35.

While good ideas and programs may be hard to sell even in the best of conditions, there are simple things that you can do to increase the likelihood that people would respond positively to your ideas and requests. Talk with an Expert: Ethical Influence is your opportunity to learn about these strategies and explore your questions about how you can use them with Paula Caproni, Ph.D.  To frame the live conversation, you’ll be provided with a video of Professor Caproni explaining how people make decisions and how you can leverage that knowledge to increase the likelihood that people respond favorably to your requests and suggestions the week before the event.

Because of the nature of this content, and the questions we anticipate, you should plan to participate individually. We are limiting participation to 25 individuals to ensure the highest level of engagement and have adjusted the tuition for this event. Registrations through April 8 will receive discounted tuition of $35. If there are still spaces remaining after that date, the tuition will return to the standard rate of $45.

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Making strategic decisions

Every decision you make about how to use your resources today impacts what you can do tomorrow. But how do you compare your options – what are the trade-offs? What factors should you include in how you define costs and benefits? These are critical questions that every leader and decision-maker has to answer – both to ensure that the decisions you make are for the best and to justify your decisions to your board members, funders and other stakeholders. (more…)


Finance Seminar in DC: Building your team’s decision-making toolkit

Bring your leadership team to Washington DC, May 12-13, 2011 to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively craft strategies that support both organizational health and mission achievement. The NAS Finance seminar will focus your team on how to use finance as a critical management and decision-making tool. It will develop your team’s collective understanding of how your decisions impact the overall health of your organization both now and going forward.

Your team will develop an understanding of the relationships between traditional financial concepts such as revenue and cost and your ability to achieve your mission. Building on this foundation, you’ll learn to predict how your decisions about resources impact the health of your whole organization – programs and finances. Your team will also develop a shared language for articulating the risks and benefits of the decisions you each make so you can communicate more clearly about your decision-making and expected outcomes.

All participating organizations will receive an Organization Fellowship covering the full tuition for a team and must apply to attend. We encourage the inclusion of all senior staff or those who manage budgets. Up to $600 per person will be available as travel support to all participants from outside the DC metropolitan area to help with the cost of travel and lodging.

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Attend Finance Seminar in Washington DC

Join NAS in the nation’s capital for our Finance seminar May 12-13, 2011. This seminar will teach your team how to examine your business model so that you can make decisions that maximize your mission achievement and organizational health.

Finance will give your team new tools to analyze your financial position and make sustainable financial decisions. By the end of this seminar, your team will be able to:

  • Identify the critical revenue, cost, and risk factors that are driving overall financial performance
  • Predict the effects of decisions on mission achievement and financials
  • Make more clear and compelling financial arguments to donors, funders, board members, and other stakeholders

All teams will receive an Organization Fellowship covering the full cost of tuition for up to six participants. Additional travel support will be available for teams from outside the DC metro area to help with the cost of travel and lodging. Teams will be identified through a simple application process. The deadline to apply is March 18.

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