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Early Admission Deadline: Applications for the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy are Due Today

Today marks the early admission application deadline for the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy. The quality of applicants thus far has been remarkable and we are looking forward to continuing the review process. We know that your time is valuable and making the decision to invest in your ongoing professional development is not easy.

That’s why we’ve built the Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy to provide you with game-changing education, when you want it and where you want it, without sacrificing the depth of personal relationships that come from meeting your peers and faculty face-to-face. The best and brightest practitioners and University of Pennsylvania faculty will explore frameworks and topics that will help you lead with confidence. At a cost of $4,950, we are proud to say it is among the most affordable executive leadership programs available today.

With twenty-four hours left for early admission, take the time to apply and invest in yourself. The application is short, simple and built for personal reflection.
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Creative Community Fellows Applications Now Open!

The CCF Journey

Have a great idea to use arts and culture to better a community? Know someone who does? Well, you are in luck because applications are now open for the Creative Community Fellows program! We are looking for artists, activists, community organizers, administrators and entrepreneurs from around the world who are using arts and culture to drive physical and social transformation in their communities.

With the support of The Kresge Foundation and now in its second year, this program grew out of our exploration of the role of art in civil society and the importance of community in the sustainability of the cultural sector. Presented in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice and The Center for Social Impact Strategy, the Creative Community Fellows program is a nine-month intensive incubator that gives Fellows the tools, training and access to a community of support as they design and drive their projects forward. We have seen that this program establishes a network, far surpassing the reach of the 50 Fellows and encourages connections and collaboration with communities near and far.

The program incorporates a residential track where 22 Fellows jump-start the program through one week of living and learning together and an online track that gives Fellows the flexibility to connect and work when and where it works for them. However, we are creating a single, unique community of 50 cultural entrepreneurs and leaders. Fellows will take monthly online courses together, share updates on their projects with each other and the field and have the rare chance to engage face-to-face with funders and people already engaging in this work. Tuition for the program, including lodging and meals is completely underwritten! Fellows are only responsible for their transportation to in-person events.

We will also share tools and conversations online for open access. We are opening this up to help as many people in as many locations as possible to create, strengthen and advance projects that improve communities. We have seen how the collective wisdom of Fellows, mentors, faculty and communities fuels each project and expands the network. It will only continue to grow.

Please visit our website to learn more about the program and get involved. Apply to become a Fellow or share this information with others!


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Apply Now: The Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy

National Arts Strategies is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for The Executive Program in Arts and Culture Strategy.

This eight-month program, developed and presented in partnership with The University of Pennsylvania, will prepare and equip you to lead arts and culture organizations of all types. At a cost of only $4,950 you will gain the foundational knowledge and business frameworks to advance your career. The program provides the flexibility of online courses and the ability to tailor what you learn to your needs through your choice of electives. The program promises what no other program can – comprehensive training from a world-class university grounded in real-world experience at an affordable price.

The application process is free, short, simple and designed to craft a diverse cohort of arts and culture professionals across the field. The Executive Program in Arts and Culture Strategy is targeted at early to mid-career managers in the nonprofit arts and culture sector – and those seeking to enter the sector.

The deadline for applications to The Executive Program in Arts and Culture Strategy  is October 31, 2014, but accepted on a rolling basis. If accepted, you will not have to submit payment until December. Online courses begin in January 2015 with the first in-person convening held at The University of Pennsylvania in March 2015. Apply today »

For those not able to take part in the entire eight-month program but still want to experience a bit of the curriculum, you can sign up to take one of the cornerstone courses – Arts & Culture Strategy – on Coursera. The class is free and open to anyone. It starts November 10, 2014. Those enrolled in the program will take the class on a private platform in January 2015.

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Application Deadline for The Chief Executive Program: Community and Culture is Approaching

Applications for The Chief Executive Program: Community and Culture are due July 17! For our third class of executives in The Chief Executive Program, we seek curious and collaborative CEOs who are change agents working at the heart of their communities. Join this incredible community of chief executives from around the world to gain ideas, tools and connections to collectively strengthen the cultural sector, apply today.

This one year program will serve an international group of 50 outstanding CEOs whose organizations work closely with communities on creative placemaking initiatives. Participants will come together at Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan Ross School of Business and Sundance Resort to work with leading professors, NAS and each other to get a deeper understanding of the strategic challenges they face, a firm grasp of change leadership and the ability to translate their visions for the future into reality.

Have questions about the program or application process? Ask National Arts Strategies’ Director, Sunny Widmann this Friday from 3-4 pm ET via

All participants in The Chief Executive Program: Community and Culture receive a fellowship covering the full cost of tuition. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs to in-person events.

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Welcome First Creative Community Fellows, Two Days Left to Apply

We are excited to announce our first two Creative Community Fellows, admitted early to give you all a sense of the diversity and project range in this cohort. With only 48 hours left to apply to be a Creative Community Fellow, we wanted to share the exciting work of Rachel Reynolds Luster and Madeline Sayet to encourage all of you working at the intersection of culture and community to apply by May 7.

Rachel Reynolds Luster

Rachel Reynolds Luster is a folklorist, librarian, artist, and organizer working to promote community renewal and sufficiency in the Missouri Ozarks. As the founder of the Oregon County Food Producers and Artisans Co-Op, Rachel has created a space for members of her community to share their resources, handmade goods and learn from each other. In addition to functioning like a traditional food Co-Op, the Oregon County Food Producers and Artisans Co-Op also hosts guest speakers, classes and skill sharing workshops as well as cultural events. Furthermore, the Co-Op serves as a community bulletin and convening center, truly making it a place that nurtures the community and brings people from a variety of backgrounds together to contribute to the self-sustainability of Oregon County, Missouri.  Learn more about Rachel and her project here. As a Creative Community Fellow, Rachel wants to learn from her counterparts working at the intersection of culture and community development and specifically receive suggestions for sustainable funding strategies to grow and scale the Co-Op.


Madeline Sayet

Resident Artistic Director at Amerinda Inc., Madeline Sayet, is creating the first Native Shakespeare Ensemble, which will give Native artists a chance to find their voice by rediscovering classic text. Madeline seeks to challenge the representation of Native peoples in American theatre, empower Native theatre artists and expose audiences to Native theatre. Learn more about Madeline and her project here. Through participation in the Creative Community Fellows program, Madeline seeks to be submersed with like-minded individuals interested in changing the landscape of art within communities across the world. She wants to be challenged, provoked and empowered in her ideas as well as reciprocate this and invoke collaboration among other participating Fellows.

Both Rachel and Madeline are using culture to respond to local needs and contribute to the development of their communities. We could not be happier to have them on board! If you are working at the intersection of arts and culture, social change and entrepreneurship, we encourage you to go to our website, learn more and get involved.  Creative Community Fellow applications are due by May 7.


Spring Digital Strategies seminar deadline approaching

There is just over a week left to apply for this spring’s Digital Strategies seminar in New York. Get your team together today!

Digital Strategies is an opportunity for you and your team to spend two-days with NAS and professor Jill Avery digging into your own digital initiatives. Do they map onto your strategic objectives? Do they reflect your organization’s culture? Looking at these questions will help you assess into time, money and structural constraints that can become roadblocks to moving new ideas forward. You’ll leave with a clear picture of how the right balance of digital programs can support your overall objectives, and what resources you’ll need to help those programs thrive.

Digital Strategies takes place May 1-2 in New York City. The tuition is up to you. All teams can attend on a pay-what-you-can basis. Learn more or apply by March 21!


Strategy Application Deadline Next Friday

There is just over a week left to apply for our three-day Strategy seminar. Next Friday, August 27, is the last day we will accept applications to attend this October 28-30 Nashville presentation. Apply now »

This seminar will provide your leadership team with a rich learning experience and retreat-like working session. Leading management professors will engage your team through case studies, class discussions and extensive team exercises. You will gain tools to analyze your organization’s environment, articulate the relationships between key stakeholders and integrate programmatic and economic choices so you’re able to better focus your resources on pursuing your mission. By the end of the three days, your team will have a shared understanding of what makes your organization unique and a plan for how to maximize your mission achievement in a financially responsible way.

Leadership teams of three-to-five participants will attend with an Organization Fellowship covering the $1250 tuition. A simple application process will be used to identify a diverse mix of medium and large organizations with clear goals for their participation. Additional travel support will be available to all teams from outside the Nashville area to help with the cost of travel and lodging.

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