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We’ve Got A MOOC For You


Our Arts & Culture Strategy MOOC is back! This online course combines an overview of the arts and culture field and the unique challenges to working in mission-driven organizations. Learners build strategy skills and develop their personal leadership potential. The course curriculum is rigorous, relevant and the result of an exciting partnership with the University of Pennsylvania.

Enrollment is free, on-demand and presented online through Coursera. This provides the flexibility we know is necessary and allows you to work at your own pace – when and where it is best for you. Complete the entire course in one day or take as long as you need, returning to the videos and exercises that are most critical for your work.

This MOOC is ideal for team participation. Gather a group of colleagues or challenge your staff to move through the content simultaneously. Set times as a group to debrief and discuss burning questions. Apply curriculum in real time, to your organization.

Join thousands of learners from around the world to develop your leadership skills and cultivate your personal view of the role arts and culture play in society.

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Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture: Get Your Team Together

Curious about how to participate in Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture as a team? We’ve received several unique responses to our suggestion that this course is ideal for individuals or team participation.
A team from an arts service organization shared their plans to enroll in the course, watch the course lectures together in their conference room and talk through discussion points in real time, creating a team building and learning environment throughout the organization.
We know that for some it may be difficult to gather a team of colleagues you work with on a weekly basis. While teams can be from your organization, they can also include people from across organizations. Sam Oliver at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans and Morgan Sasser at the Arts Council of New Orleans shared their plans to create a cross-organizational group to complete the course together. Sam and Morgan plan to gather a team of young professionals working in arts and cultural organizations across the city to work through the course together. This unique team structure will allow for members to watch lectures on their own time and come together to apply the learning. By working together on the course, this young professionals group will build relationships between organizations in the New Orleans community.
Teams can also be made up of members across locations. The online platform provides the perfect space for sharing and collaboration throughout the sector, regardless of time zone.
Still don’t have a team in mind? Don’t worry! Once the course begins, you can search for a team or for others to join your team using the class discussion board dedicated to this topic or you can choose to participate in the course individually without completing a team innovation project.
Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture is now open for free enrollment on Coursera. Class begins on September 16.


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Free Online Innovation Course Specifically for Arts and Culture

Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture open for enrollment on Coursera

Innovation. It’s the buzzword that everyone loves to talk about and often only in grand terms. What is the next big thing? How do we make radical change? We like to think of innovation as more integrated into what you do like finding new ways to realize your mission, to raise funds, to deliver programs and to use your resources effectively. Innovation is not mysterious or other, but it is tough to do really well. Whether you are taking on radical changes or making continuous improvements, Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture, will give you the tools you need.

This free online course was developed by David Owens at Vanderbilt University and customized for the cultural sector by National Arts Strategies. Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture is designed to help you answer the following types of questions:

  • What are the conditions for successful innovation?
  • What causes innovation to fail?
  • What allows creative people to be creative?
  • How should I manage an innovative team?
  • What is an innovation portfolio and how can I manage one?

Through video lectures with embedded quizzes, team exercises, readings, diagnostic surveys and weekly reflection papers, this course will help your team develop an “innovation strategy” on your own time. This highly interactive 8-week course is designed for those involved in arts and culture around the globe in all types of cultural organizations. Participation is ideal for teams and creates a great opportunity to form a team at your office to learn together and push a project forward.

We know that not everyone has the same learning objectives or available time, so this course is offered at two levels of engagement. The Standard Level allows students to engage in the course materials and discussions without completing an innovation project, while the Studio Mastery Level gives students the opportunity to apply the class material by completing an innovation project in a small team.

Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture begins on September 16, 2014 on Coursera. Join colleagues around the world to build environments where ideas are created, shared, evaluated and the best ones are successfully put to work.


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The Executive Diploma for Arts & Culture Strategy

NAS has worked with gifted leaders from a variety of arts and culture organizations for many years. We often hear that new and up-and-coming leaders need better training options. There are many good programs at good universities that train arts and culture professionals. The problem, however, is access. The cost of these and other higher-education programs simply is too high. It’s a system that quite frankly isn’t working. National Arts Strategies is launching a program that will revolutionize arts and culture training and position our field for the future – The Executive Diploma for Arts and Culture Strategy.

Collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania, NAS has developed a nine-month online and in-person program for cultural leadership that costs $4,950 – a fraction of the cost for comparable offerings. The Executive Diploma for Arts and Culture Strategy promises what no other program can – comprehensive training from a world-class university grounded in real-world experience at an affordable price.

We will remove the traditional barriers that have kept many talented individuals from seeking training. No longer will young leaders need to take on staggering amounts of debt, nor will mid-career professionals have to take a two-year hiatus and possibly relocate to get a “legitimizing” degree. No longer will high-quality education be out of reach to the majority of our field.

The program consists of two in-person and six online courses that will give up-and-coming leaders the foundational knowledge and business frameworks to take the next step in their careers. They will walk away better equipped to think more strategically, to position an organization, to create maximum value around mission, to manage people and money and to work well with a board of directors. It will feature faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, the NAS team and leaders working in the field. We will begin accepting applications to the program this September.

The first course, Arts & Culture Strategy will be available on Coursera and open to anyone at no charge. The first convening will be at the University of Pennsylvania in March 2015.

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