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Call for Submissions: A Conversation on Failure


We are undertaking an exploration of a topic that tends to get glossed over in our field… failure. We’re gathering a range of opinions and experiences from inside and outside the field on failure to share widely this March on Field Notes  in order to create an archive of experiences and a dialogue on the many forms of failure.

We’re accepting submissions from anyone interested in participating in this conversation. We simply ask that you give some thought to the questions below, chose one and write a 300- to 500-word response:

  • How do you define failure?
  • What role do expectations play in having failed?
  • Do you feel supported to fail in your job? Why or why not?
  • Tell us about the ways you motivate yourself after you’ve failed. What gets you centered and back up again?
  • How have your thoughts about failure changed throughout your career?

Submissions will be accepted through February 24, 2015 and finalists will be featured on our ArtsJournal blog, Field Notes throughout March.

Please send submissions to Taylor Craig, Selected submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Feel free to contact Taylor with any questions you have regarding this call.


Call for Submissions: A Conversation on Career Plans

SLIDE_Call_SubmissionsHow do you craft a career plan? Why is it important to have a career plan? How do you identify your gaps in learning? How do you begin to fill those gaps?

We’re exploring all these questions and more in a conversation on Field Notes this October and we want to hear from you! We aim to host a field-wide conversation on how to craft a career plan in order to highlight the range of experiences and bring to light the array of tools that can be helpful to staff, colleagues and ourselves.

We’ve all been or are currently in some part of the career plan journey. Either you are a long-time CEO of an established organization with a unique story of how you got there or you’re a new graduate with a few years of experience trying to figure out what’s the next step. We want to hear from you – all of you.

We’re accepting submissions from anyone interested in writing a 200-300 word piece about this topic in our field. Submissions will be accepted through September 30, 2015 COB and featured on our Arts Journal blog, Field Notes throughout October 2015.

Please share this call with those in your network and encourage your colleagues to get involved in this conversation.

Please send submissions to Taylor Craig, Selected submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Feel free to contact Taylor with any questions you have regarding this call.




Tackling the Tough Issues

The NAS team heads Sundance, Utah next week for our final convening of The Chief Executive Program, The Summit at Sundance. This event was created to allow program participants time to look for solutions to the issues most challenging to them as they strive to strengthen the cultural sector. Over the course of the convening, we will investigate problems around governance, organizational structure and culture, engagement and communicating value.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be hosting an event at Field Notes to extend the discussion of these issues, and we want to include your voice. Learn more about The Summit at Sundance and how we arrived at the problems to be addressed (hint: it involves a mind map!). Keep watching Field Notes for more posts around this event and please add your ideas to the conversation!


Voices from the Field: Young Cultural Leaders

What does it mean to be a cultural leader in this day and age? What are the global and local contexts within which we work? Why do the arts matter and how can we communicate this within our communities? What challenges are our cultural organizations facing and how can we effectively lead change?

These are the questions in the back of every young cultural leader’s mind… and they are at the heart of the most pressing issues faced by leaders in our field. Next week, we will dig into these questions with a fresh perspective at the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders. We will be sharing a steady stream interviews and insights from Fellows and panelists, as well as bloggers from around the world, on Field Notes all week. We invite you to follow the conversation and add your voice at Field Notes »


NAS Launches New ArtsJournal Blog

National Arts Strategies is excited to announce our newest initiative, Field Notes. An ArtsJournal-hosted blog, Field Notes is our way to share ideas from conversations with cultural leaders and innovative thinkers, and from our experience working in the sector. The entire NAS team will contribute our observations and insights, and we share a commitment to mining, distilling and contextualizing ideas; providing the morals of the stories we share as well as frameworks that anyone can use; and offering everyone in the field the opportunity to discuss the underlying issues behind some of today’s toughest management challenges.

Read more about our vision for Field Notes at »