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The New Nature of Money

Changes in the environment – economic, demographic and social – may challenge the health of an organization. How can a leader improve his or her organization’s financial strength so that it can nimbly adapt and adjust to these changes?   In “The New Nature of Money,” Peter Frumkin explores a framework for thinking about financial sustainability as linked to the business model and financial flexibility.  As the author discusses, there are a variety of ways in which sustainability can be threatened or enhanced through the management of revenues and expenses.  Sustainability and flexibility combined are the lynchpin of creating greater value for patrons and communities.

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Arts Management in Uneasy Times

NAS Vice President, Jim Rosenberg, was recently interviewed by Patricia Pasqual, Director of the Foundation Center-Washington, DC, for their Philanthropy Chat podcast series. In this interview, Mr. Rosenberg discusses challenges facing arts organizations, recommends resources for keeping up with the field, shares insights about strategic and tactical questions organizations can use to develop a customer-focused business model, and gives suggestions for engaging boards and community.

Listen to the Philanthropy Chat podcast, Arts Management in Uneasy Times