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How has your organization reacted to changes in the competitive landscape?

Steve Martin, Managing Director of Childsplay, talks about the importance of defining organizational values and letting them dictate your actions.

How has your organization reacted to changes in the competitive landscape?

Kim Sajet, President and CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, talks about her organization’s decision to give away its three-dimensional objects.

How should cultural organizations react to the significant changes in their competitive landscape?

Gordon Hewitt, an Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at the Stephen M Ross School of Business, discusses the importance of challenging your assumptions.

What does the convergence of consumer interests, markets and industries mean for cultural organizations?

Betsy Bradley, Director of the Mississippi Museum of Art, looks at many of technological advances that build upon a visual culture as a great opportunity for those in the visual arts.

Sparking creativity in teams: An executive’s guide

Creativity is not a trait reserved for the lucky few. By immersing your people in unexpected environments, confronting ingrained orthodoxies, using analogies, and challenging your organization to overcome difficult constraints, you can dramatically boost their creative output—and your own.

“That’s the Way We (Used to) Do Things Around Here”

An article exploring the cognitive barriers at the individual level to change and suggest a more effective way to work with the brain’s wiring rather than against it.

What advice would you give to someone rebuilding an arts organization?

Anna Thompson, Executive Director of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre…

If you were to build an arts organization today on what aspects would you focus?

Abby Marcus, General Manager of The Playwrights’ Center, talks about the importance of flexibility in arts organizations.

Stop Blaming Your Culture

An article of interest on an-oft used whipping boy for failed change efforts. The authors…

Outcome vs Process Oriented Thinking

Research on decision making in consumer behavior, perhaps with broader implications for nonprofits.


I have a tall stack of books at home, all of which I am in…

Ditch Performance Reviews? How About Learn to do Them Well?

This article highlights some of the challenges to productive performance reviews as well as suggestions for how to overcome them.