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Feeling Stuck?

This week on Field Notes, we’re talking about career paths. We’ve broken this conversation down…

What are the qualities of a strong arts leader?

What makes a successful arts leader? This is perhaps the most important question as you…

Change Leadership Lessons in the Gettysburg Address

Koehn notes elements of the address that make it a great example of effective change…

Outcome vs Process Oriented Thinking

Research on decision making in consumer behavior, perhaps with broader implications for nonprofits.


I have a tall stack of books at home, all of which I am in…

The biology of business: Homo administrans

An interesting article on the science of management

The Challenges of Cultural Leadership

In this keynote address delivered at the Bolz Center Collegium, NAS President and CEO, Russell Willis Taylor explores the unique leadership demands of cultural enterprise.

Why Bosses Ought to Be More Interested in What is True Than What is New

With the ever-increasing temptation to focus on what’s new, it’s important to remember that most of our challenges (and their solutions) are not so new.

What are the qualities of a strong arts leader?

Sally Sterling, an executive search consultant within Spencer Stuart, discusses what makes a successful arts executive.

Start With Why, Simon Sinek

I recently heard Simon speak at a Dance NYC conference, and his book is as good a review of the importance of mission (although that’s not what it is about) as any I have ever read. You can watch him on TEDx and get a taste of his thinking.

Anatomy of a Leader

Former NAS President and CEO Russell Willis Taylor interviewed Peter Gelb for the Fall 2007…