How do cultural institutions, particularly established ones, manage change?

Horst Abraham is a faculty partner of the Center for Executive Development of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a member of The Chief Executive Program New Nature of Competition faculty. In this clip he suggests that organizations must be able to reinvent themselves at the pace of the change around them.

Improving Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

The book is intended to be a guidebook for leading nonprofit organizations rather than a handbook of nonprofit leadership or management.

How can cultural leaders find opportunities within the new competitive reality?

Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico, discusses the need for leaders to also be cultural consumers.

Managing the Arts: Leadership and Decision Making under Dual Rationalities

The dual functions of guiding artistic or educational activities and an organization’s administration fosters structural complexity, competing sets of goals, multiple stakeholder claims and values in some tension with one another.

The Marketization of the Nonprofit Sector: Civil Society at Risk?

In this journal article, authors Elkenberry and Drapal Kluver examine the threat that “marketization” poses to democracy and citizenship.

Being the Boss: the 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader

The book is a distillation of Linda Hill’s almost 30 years at Harvard Business School (HBS) where she has studied what effective managers do and how they do it.