Community & Collaboration

How to work well with others – partnerships, alliances, community engagement

Choosing the path

She concludes that the path between the two does not have to split, and that…

Arts as Ends, Means, and Everything In Between

She showcases how many stakeholders can work together to create sustainable communities and reflects on…

Why The Arts?

Both artists reflect on the increase of artists who work within communities, and on the…

An Invitation

In “A Model of Identity and Community“, David Pollard shares consultant Aaron Williamson’s definition of…

Communities, Complexities, and Commonalities

They also point out the complex nature of communities: “When a funder or evaluator looks…


We went together. For moral support. We knew nothing about suits. A gorges? What’s that.…

Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

Michael Rohd shares the values that guide both organizations: Civic Health. Civic Equity. Civic Capacity.

On Values & Building Community

Inclusivity. Creativity & Innovation. Integrity. These are the values that drive Irfana Jetha Noorani work with the 11th Street Bridge Park.

Scott Kratz: Values

Intentionality, generosity and authenticity. These are the values Scott Kratz brings to the 11th Street Bridge Park.

Art Spaces as Places for Community Engagement

Over the course of our time together in the National Arts Strategies, Chief Executive Program:…

For Members

Place, process and making your own reservation

This week, we’re sharing reflections on the Summit at Sundance process and on the ideas leaders in…

Beyond Semantics: The Aesthetics of Working With Communities

While at the Creative Communities Fellows Impact House, we were learning about design thinking. We were into day one of this part of the curriculum, and one of the fellows likened himself to that of a service provider and said that we all provide the communities we serve with different creative services. I raised my hand and said, “I am not a service provider, and I don’t work for communities, I work with them.” There was much debate about this. Several people said that this was a case of semantics, that it was just a different choice of words. For me, this is beyond semantics. The way we talk about our work gives insight into the intention and aesthetic choices we make when working with communities. There are aesthetic differences in working for or with communities.