Community & Collaboration

How to work well with others – partnerships, alliances, community engagement

About Abdul Karim Hakib

Abdul Karim Hakib is a Theatre for development practitioner, who specializes in the use of…

About Daniel Harris

Danny Harris is an internationally recognized storyteller and entrepreneur. A graduate of Princeton and former…

About Rachel Reynolds Luster

I’m a mom, fiddler, artist, librarian, and community organizer. My project is the Oregon County…

Committing to Engagement

Are we asking our customers what they want simply to inform programming decisions that will put butts in seats, or so our organizations can become more representative of the communities we serve?

Why the Arts Matter Now

NAS President and CEO Russell Willis Taylor recently delivered the keynote address to attendees of…

Local Faces: D.C.’s Local and National Art Scene

On June 12th, NAS Program Manager Sunny Widmann moderated a panel at the Corcoran Gallery…

Avoiding Messy Breakups: Merger Lessons for Charities

Avoiding Messy Breakups: Merger Lessons for Charities – Ideas & Advice – The Chronicle of…

We Make Do: More Time Is Better, But Budget Is King

Given the challenges facing both those who have facilities and those who want access to facilities, are there opportunities for communities to work together to overcome these challenges?

Agnes Gund: Taking the Arts Seriously

The piece reminds one that the construct of “the arts” marginalizes artistic and creative activity. It makes the end product the focus of attention, rather than the role artistic activity is playing in society, the process of creating and participating in art, and the affect on people engaged through the work.

How Cultural Groups Can Use Social-Media

This podcast features Nina K. Simon, author of The Participatory Museum, and Rob Stein, Chief Information Officer at the Indianapolis Museum of Art discussing how cultural organizations can use social media and social-media-type interactions (such as building a community of interest) to build more robust experiences and relationships.