How have you engaged your staff to cultivate new leaders?

By ,     Aug 5, 2015
NAS Director & Field Notes Editor-in-Chief

Dallas Shelby

Dallas is a writer and former indie filmmaker. He is interested in community engagement, co-creation, the Edupunk movement and anything DIY.

President & CEO, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

George Sparks

NAS produces publications, videos and other management tools to inspire those working in the field to take a fresh look at their work and the challenges they face. Over the last few years we have amassed quite a large catalog of content. We’ve sent NAS staff members into the archives to pick their favorites and share them here. This week NAS Director, Dallas Shelby, shares one of his favorite NAS videos.

Full disclosure: I conducted this interview. It was a fascinating chat, not only because I got to see the incredible artifacts in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s old “Big Bone Room,” but also because I got to talk with George Sparks about succession planning. The part that still sticks with me is this exercise he asks of staff to write their own retirement press release… to be explicit about what it is they want to accomplish while they are there. I think this is an incredible idea that can help you focus on what skills you need to develop, what contacts you need to make to get where you want to go.