Perfect Pitch

By     Nov 25, 2014

NAS team

This post was the result of the efforts of several members of the staff

Creative Community Tools

National Arts Strategies has developed a set of lessons to help cultural entrepreneurs push their great ideas forward. Think of each lesson as a tool, grouped with other related lessons to form a themed toolkit. Each toolkit features videos and worksheets from the National Arts Strategies Team and our faculty partners. The Creative Community Fellows explore these tools with the support of their learning groups. We make the toolkits openly available on this blog and invite the greater arts and culture community to use them. We invite you to share your experience with these tools in the comments section. Happy learning!

Unit 5: Perfect Pitch

You’ve got a great idea for a project. You’ve used the toolkits and worked with members of our Creative Community to refine your design. Now it’s time to work on your pitch! How you describe your project and the value it creates in communities is very important. In this toolkit, we look at what makes a great pitch, pitfalls to avoid and how to adjust the pitch for different audiences.

  • Take the short course Pitching 101: How to Make Your Story Compelling from the Stanford Jolt series. Check out at least three of the additional resources listed on the site.
  • Watch Perfect Pitch, a ten-minute video lecture featuring Creative Community Fellows faculty Peter Frumkin (note: this video is an excerpt from the National Arts Strategies/University of Pennsylvania Arts and Culture Strategy course on Coursera).
  • Create your pitch. Taking into account what you’ve learned from the resources above, create a pitch for an audience of your choosing (community member, potential partner, individual donor, foundation/other granting organization). Use ten or fewer slides and no more than seven minutes to deliver the pitch.
  • Deliver your pitch to your learning group and get feedback.

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