Creative Placemaking & Cultural Entrepreneurship

By , ,     Jul 10, 2014
NAS Director & Field Notes Editor-in-Chief

Dallas Shelby

Dallas is a writer and former indie filmmaker. He is interested in community engagement, co-creation, the Edupunk movement and anything DIY.

Former Director at National Arts Strategies

Fielding Grasty

NAS Director

Sunny Widmann

Sunny believes that arts participation engenders empathy and builds cross-cultural understanding, and is interested in how the arts work in different communities across the globe. Sunny likes to spend her time practicing yoga with friends, or planning her next great adventure.

One of the perks of working at NAS is the number of incredible leaders we get to talk with on a regular basis. The last several weeks have been no exception. In fact, we've been talking and listening quite a bit. Part of the recruitment for our Creative Community Fellows program has been a series of conversations with young cultural entrepreneurs about their work and their communities. It's been an eye-opening experience. Next week we will begin to share some of the stories of these amazing leaders. Today we want to share what we learned from those conversations.

In the video below NAS Directors, Fielding Grasty, Dallas Shelby and Sunny Widmann, share what they've seen in the development and recruitment of our Creative Community Fellows program and what it might mean for the arts and culture field.