The Summit at Sundance: Cultural Sector Ideation

By     Jan 3, 2014
NAS Director & Field Notes Editor-in-Chief

Dallas Shelby

Dallas has a background in independent film and is very interested in the ProAm Revolution, community engagement, co-creation, education (particularly the Edupunk movement) and anything DIY.  

Last year, NAS brought the participants of The Chief Executive Program together at an ideation conference to collectively work on real-world solutions to four key problems facing the field: engaging collaborators in shaping our institutional agendas; creating 21st century boards; developing transformational employees and systems; and maximizing the field’s value in the eyes of the public. The result of that convening was over 400 ideas for how to solve those issues.

We prepared a report that documents the ideas generated and some of the materials used to help participants frame the issues and work on the solutions.

Download the Summit at Sundance Working Document »